What Is Angela Bakes?

‘Angela Bakes’ is a portfolio full of elegant wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other baked goods to help celebrate special days. What is considered a special enough day to have cake? Well, I’m glad you ask because any day is a day to have cake! Angela first started baking at a very young age with her grandmother. She continued to bake her little heart out to this day and honestly, it’s not because she loves sweets, because she’ll take a steak any day, but seeing the reaction of those receiving the cake.

“I do it to see the reaction. I’ll trash my kitchen making a massive cake but once I get over the delivery anxiety – because that’s a real thing – and after the display setup is done… seeing the bride’s reaction or a kid’s grin is worth it all.” – Angela Welch

The only rule Angela has is not making the same cake twice – it never comes out as good the second time and common, get creative folks!

Mission Statement:

Life is too short so have your cake before dinner. That way you always have room for dessert.

Life is too short. Eat cake first.

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